Pay for reliability, not bandwidth.

In an effort to get what they believe to be superior reliability, many companies purchase bandwidth heavy T1 or Fibre connections at inflated costs. Truth is, what youíre really paying for is bandwidth and unless you have extremely heavy bandwidth needs Ė you just donít need it. And if you do, you still need Failsafe. Reliability only comes from a guarantee. And a guarantee only comes from Failsafe.

What youíre paying for with Failsafe ...

BASIC SERVICE. This package includes 2 Internet connections, line design, maintenance, equipment and the guarantee that if you lose connectivity any month for over 1 hour, youíll be credited back that monthly Failsafe fee.*

PREMIUM SERVICE. This package includes 3 or more Internet connections, line design, maintenance, equipment and a guarantee. At this level, weíll not only guarantee the line blending but also your connection design. If you lose connectivity for more than 1 hour in any given month, youíll be credited the entire cost of your Failsafe solution for that month, including all connection fees.*

* Power problems, acts of God, and other similar acts are clearly outside of Failsafeís control and therefore will not trigger this guarantee.

Donít choose cost over value when you can get both.

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